Thursday, January 14, 2016

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Monday, December 7, 2015


Why I have chosen to put up this post is because I want to show people of how to mkae a desk when they need to for their class so that when they need help for making a desk then they have this to look at and make desks.
What is happening in side my blog post is that I ma showing you what I did at Wesley Intermediate which I made desks with my team mates,and this slide shows you of how to make part of a desk.
What was challenging was that I was kind of scared when it came to cutting the wood.This was becasue the machine for cutting the wood was sharp and I was scared that I might cut my self using the tool.
How I overcame this is I got help from the Wesley Intermediate helper Marianlee.She helped me hold onto the machinel.:)
What I enjoyed about this is that we got to use diiferent tools to make the desks.And also what I enjoyed is when we all got to work together as a team and also it shows how much effort we put into our work.

Sunday, December 6, 2015

Why does sometimes the moon turn!

This is the 2nd part of why does the moon turn red just incase you didn't understand or get the first bit of why does sometimes the moon turn red!

Why does sometimes the moon turn red

This slide tells you information about why the red moon appear!If this does not explain it but you wait for why does the moon appear.....number 2!:)

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

How to dress up for cycling

I have chosen this post because I think that children/adults/teenagers should always be safe on there bike,especially their clothing that they are wearing.
What I am writing about is how you should be dressed if you are wearing a bike.
What I enjoyed was actually learning how to ride a bike so I know what type of clothing to wear.
What I thought was challenging was trying to find the right words to explain what to do.
How I overcame it is by me searching up online for some pictures, of a bike which showed labels of what parts a bike had.

Friday, September 25, 2015

Breakfast Club persuading

I have chosen this post because I want to try and persuade people to go to  breakfast club to have their breakfast there.
What I have to do is make a persuading poster.This persuading poster is to persuade the kids to come and have breakfast at breakfast club.
What I enjoyed was trying to find pictures and information to persuade them to come to have a yummy breakfast at breakfast club.
What was challenging was to try and think up new sentence openers to start the sentence. What was also hard was trying to think through the voice typer.
I overcame it by looking on the active board for ideas,and typing instead of voice typing.

This photo is from

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Shared Lunch

Why I have chosen this post is because this is a special event and I want to remember it when we all spent time together and had fun.
What we did was have a shared lunch where we got a voucher from the food for thought.
What I enjoyed was that we got to make the food and then we got to eat it.
What was challenging was cutting the kumara.
I overcame it by getting help by getting help from the teacher.
 “I just can’t wait to eat!”I said in my mind, I was starving.When we got  to the staff room  our teacher, (Mr Margetts) set up the room and  gave  us jobs.

 “Caroline, John,  Lucy,Viliami you  can chop and peel  the  Kumaras!”So we got straight to work.
“  Me and Lucy  will peel  and you and Viliami chop!”I told John.When we started peeling,it was so much complicated.At the end we got the hang of it.

We all started setting up the table.On the table we put sandwiches,a dip,some fruits,veges and other wonderful food.Mr Margetts choose Annie to pray for us.Than we all raced to get the delicious food.

I raced for the sandwiches,carrots and everything,()but mostly I was going for the pineapple and cheese on stick!)I munched on the food and got even more food and got even more food that I could ever imagine.
“This is yum!”Exclaimed Franzene.
“No,this is DELICIOUS!And I mean it!”But I only said that in my head.

After 1 of the most delicious feast of my life,we cleaned up our mess and packed up to go to our class.:)

I felt excited because we were eating delicious food.What went well was setting up the table with food.What was challenging was when we had to chop the kumara.